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Flight Dynamics

Flightdynamics, located in Guimarães, Portugal, is specialized in composite design and fabrication for the aerospace industry. Started in 2009 with rapid process tooling and manufacturing on ESA 2010 project later named “Crossover”. Our team of experts combine innovative design and high quality precision construction, with composits experts, aerodynamicists and electronic power control engineers. We look forward to new product development challenges...

Our projects

Closing 5 years of developments, Crossover is now ready to go to market. With diferent configurations possible, from pure electric drive to Internal combustion engine or Hybrid drive, we are now ready to deliver a special new airplane, with glide ratio up to 42, meaning very low Carbon footprint, low maintenane and Eco Sustainability.


2 years of design and calculations lead us to a 90% engineering process achievement. With a 1:5 scale prototype we are now close to work on the final aircraft. We look for high performance, with its 217 Kts max speed and very sporty handling.


We are developing under the Crossover project, a platform for RPAS - remote piloted aircraft systems. With a possible maximum 100 hours mission we started cooperation with Portuguese Air Force and Nacional and Internacional companies to tae this project foward. Stay tuned!

Recent News
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About us
Flight Dynamics
Tom Leite

The founder of Flight Dynamics. Tom is graduated in Mechanical Engineer and is a flying lover.

Flight Dynamics

EuroSporAircraft is specialized in composite design and fabrication for the aerospace industry.

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